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Winners Announced September 8th, 2021
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If you could go back to 2001, what kind of internet company would you start?

Push Your Creativity to the Edge

The internet is changing. With computing becoming commoditized, the internet is decentralizing and compute capacity is moving to the edges of the internet, closer to applications and end users. Connectivity is also undergoing a transformation in that it can now be programmatically deployed courtesy of AlefEdge APIs.

With AlefEdge’s Connectivity API, we are enabling you to create new networks at the 5G Edge without networking gear or software setup. The Connectivity API runs over a new spectral band called CBRS and enables you to deploy a private network that connects devices that are “Band 48” enabled. For non-smartphone devices, you can use a CBRS USB device like this.   

If you could spawn a secure private network between multiple devices, what apps or services would you create? We want to hear your ideas, so we are launching our first Connectivity Idea Challenge!

The Solutions are Limitless!

AlefEdge APIs enable the deployment of a mini replicate Internet wherever you choose. This means that all of the current internet apps and services could be ported to your mini internet, but those services and apps have yet to be built. So let’s start by imagining!

A possible entry could describe building a home video surveillance network. Another entry might detail a way to provide internet access to underserved areas.Extending into more complicated concepts could fall into the realm of creating a “new” telephone system but with video or using the API to remote deploy IOT devices or hardware. 

We know this is a challenging topic, so please email us ( to ask questions! Every question is a good question. All entries will be open sourced so that others that are not as privileged may have access to these ideas and have the opportunity to build toward brighter futures. 

Got an idea? Simply submit it below for a chance to win prizes!

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Challenge Start Date

August 2, 2021

Challenge End Date

August 31, 2021


September 1st – 8th, 2021

Winners Announced

September 8th, 2021

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For your effort and collaboration, we’ve lined up the following prizes for the top entries (both internal and external):

Best Overall

$250 USD

Most Environmental

$250 USD

Best Edge Service

$250 USD

Audience Choice

$150 USD

Honorable Mention (5 Winners!)

$50 USD for each Winner


Please note that multiple submissions are accepted from individuals or teams, however only one submission per person/team can win.



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