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Connectivity Survey

At Alef, we are excited about the future of connectivity in edge computing. We are releasing new APIs that simplify connecting to the Edge. We want to know more about you and what you want to build with the power of the edge. As a thank you for filling out this survey, we will be drawing four random winners from the participants who will receive a $50 amazon gift card. 

Ambassador Program – Start Your Mission Today

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, we are now calling on you to help spread the excitement and knowledge of engineering. The AlefEdge Ambassador Program is designed to help accelerate product design & deployment as well as community building and create a path to success for aspiring developers.

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The AlefEdge Virtual Hackathon is a six (6) week online API challenge with cool prizes like electric scooters, quadcopters, and other experiential prizes such as dinner with founders of a-list startups.

Here’s The Idea

With mobile and server technology advancing at a rapid pace, we are now seeing applications that are driving an increase in compute capacity at the edge as well as requirements for network security and data privacy. This hackathon is a series of mini-challenges designed to engage technical and non-technical people to explore next-generation edge compute-focused technologies as well as how technology will evolve over time. The winning entries will be open-sourced so that others that are not as privileged may have access to these ideas/tech and be able to build toward brighter futures.