User Guide


Alef has created the EdgeNet Developer Portal to facilitate a rich Developer Community bringing revolutionary 5G Edge services to market today. Alef offers APIs at every layer of their Edge Stack across all Alef Products for Developers to leverage when creating 5G Edge services. This document will present a step-by-step walk-through for EdgeNet Developer Account Creation as well as creating a Service on the Developer EdgeNet Portal.

EdgeNet Developer Account Creation

The first step in the account creation process is to go to the public developer landing page. The public developer landing page’s URL is,

Begin Sign up Process

Once on the Home Page of the EdgeNet Developer Portal there is a horizontal navigation bar present for easy access through the Webpage. Click the “Sign Up” button, the third option, to continue the Workflow.

Enter Profile Information

Fill out the data fields provided and upload a profile picture, limited to 2MB, to personalize your EdgeNet Developer Portal Space. Once completed, the “Next” button will turn cyan in the bottom right, click to continue. Please note, the Profile Picture is required, and a checkmark will appear once completed.

Confirm Account Details

Please ensure all information entered is correct and click the cyan “Next” button in the bottom right corner.


Create Account

To finalize account creation, agree to the Alef Acceptable Usage Policy and Alef Privacy Policy by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the respective documents, complete the reCAPTCHA activity and click “Create Account”. The account creation workflow will continue via an email to the address entered.

Verify Email Address

After completing account creation, an Email will be in the inbox of the address provided. Click the hyperlink to verify the email address and confirm account creation. If the hyperlink is not working, please copy and paste the provided URL into the browser’s URL bar.


Set Password

Once the email address has been verified, a page will render in order to set a password. The password must be at least 8 characters in length with 1 capital letter, 1 number, and 1 symbol. Complete the reCAPTCHA activity and click the “Update Password” button and the account creation will be finalized.

Explore the Edge!

After a password has been set, a final confirmation email containing the username and API key associated with your account will be present in the inbox of the provided email address. Sign up for a subscription and start exploring the Edge today.

Create a Service

In order to create a service, all Developers must first create their Developer EdgeNet Portal account. Please go back to section two and follow that workflow if you have not already done so. This workflow will assume the user is logged into and the user is currently on the Developer EdgeNet Home Page. Please note the Alef 5G Video Services Product will be used as an example but this process can be replicated for any of Alef’s Products.

Select a Product

The create a service workflow will begin from the EdgeNet Developer Portal Home Page. From the Home Page, please click “Products” from the Horizontal Navigation Bar. Clicking “Products” will reveal a drop down please click the Product to be subscribed to. Alternatively, the “+” sign in the “My Services” Box on the Home Page will reveal a Product list. Clicking the Product, you would like to subscribe to will also push the workflow forward.

Add a Service Page Navigation

Once the Product is selected from the dropdown, the “Overview” page for the selected Product will render. From the “Overview Page”, select “Pricing” from the Vertical Navigation Bar on the left side of the page. If you clicked the “+” button from the Home Page, this step is skipped.

Subscribe to a Service

On the “Add a Service” page, the first step is to select the Developer EdgeNet Location in the closest proximity. The Location dropdown is on the top right of the page under the Horizontal Navigation Bar. Once a Location is selected, a free Subscription option should appear. Click “Purchase” at the bottom of the Subscription tile.

Confirm Service Details

Once the free subscription has been purchased. A screen for confirmation of Service details will appear. The Product, Location, Plan, and Amount information will all be preloaded onto the page. The user will be required to fill in the number of users and the service name. Once completed, the user will have to click confirm to finalize subscription creation. As a check, the service should now be visible on the user’s EdgeNet Developer Home Page.

Service Configuration

Once a subscription to an Alef service has been confirmed, the developer must configure their service prior to interacting with any Alef 5G Edge APIs. After confirming a subscription the Developer will be taken to the Configure page. The configure page is within the service management section of the Developer Portal. There are instructions on how to get to this section below the “Configure a Service” section of this document


Configure a Service

After creating and confirming either your Alef 5G Video Services or 5G Video Notifications, the following step in this workflow to Configure the Service. “Configure” is an option on the Subscription Management Page. The following sections will highlight the process for the individual services.


Alef 5G Video Enablement Configuration

For full details on the configuration of the Alef 5G Video Enablement service, please use the following document:


Alef 5G Video Notification Configuration

For full details on the configuration of the Alef 5G Video Notification service, please use the following document:


Service Management Navigation

There are additional tools provided to the subscribed Developer for end-to-end control and view of their Subscription. Select “My EdgeNet” from the Horizontal Navigation bar and then “My Services” from the subsequent drop-down menu. This will take the user to an overview page of all the Subscriptions possessed.

On the Services overview page, in each individual row, furthest to the right there are three buttons provided for ease of navigation. The first button of the trio will take the user to the analytics page of the management section. From there, all additional management processes are provided. In addition to the Configuration Page, the following actions are also available:

  • Content Analytics
  • API Documentation
  • Sandbox Environment for Testing
  • API Analytics
  • Logging and Debugging


Service API Usage

Once a service has been configured, the Developer is ready to start building and leveraging Alef 5G Edge services.

Alef 5G Video Enablement API Usage

For a greater understanding of how to use the 5G Video Enablement Service APIs, please read the following document:

Alef 5G Video Notifications API Usage

For a better understanding of how to use the 5G Video Enablement Service APIs, please read the following document:


Service Testing

Alef is currently in the process of deploying Developer EdgeNet (Test Environment) at 4 U.S. Edge locations and 1 India Edge location. This document will be updated with proper instructions on how to use the test environment when available. Furthermore, when the testing environment is fully set up, any content uploaded to the Alef Central Cloud will be synced to the relevant Edge Site. Until such time, any content that you upload via API will only be played from Alef’s Central Cloud location.