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Video has become one of the most common forms of rich content on the internet. News outlets frequently embed short videos to share breaking news, sites like YouTube stream content on any topic you use, and organizations are increasingly turning to video to train, and stay connected with their employees. At the same time, 5G provides the promise of better network reliability, faster downloads, and the ability to connect more devices. 

In this quickstart, you will experience the benefits of 5G using Alef’s Edge Net services to build a daily news feed video campaign. This campaign could be used for consumers looking to start up to date on the latest world news, by a business offering a company update, and much more. 

Create an Private Edge Account

The first thing that you are going to need is an Private Edge account. Private Edge is Alef’s cloud service portal. Alef provides services such as X, Y, and video campaigns, you can use to build edge applications with very little code. Over time, we will be continuously adding more services. If there is something you would love to see, let us know. For this quickstart, we are going to use the Video Campaigns service.

Because this is your first time creating an account, you will create an Organization. You can think of an organization as the central account for your team. An organization will contain company details like address, logo, and centralized billing. Don’t worry, you don’t need to add billing information to complete the tutorial. You can always come back to the Organization profile page and add it later.

Typically, an administrator will create the organization and services available for developers to consume. To give you a quick overview of everything AlefEdge provides, we will cover a bit of both the administrator and developer role. 

Go ahead and create an account on Private Edge, following the guided wizard.

[IMAGE: animated gif of filling out profile page, then toggling organization to unhide additional fields.]

Once you are done, click next, skipping through the team page. Organizations allow you to quickly add team members who will have access to all the services you create in your organization. We will cover team management in another quickstart. For now, confirm your details and the terms of service, then click DONE.

Check the inbox of the email you just entered. You will receive an email from Private Edge which contains your user id as well as your app-key. Copy this app-key as you will need it further in the tutorial when you set up the video subscription service.

[ERROR: Email includes clear text password, and no API key]

Configure Your Organization

[ERROR: When I finish the capture and click sign in, page reloads and I have to click signin again]
[NOTE: currently, there is no way to dismiss the login tips. It’s frustrating. Move it to a doc]
[NOTE: why do I see billing info and other users in my new organization? Is it because it is a dev account?]

Now you have your account, let’s log into Private Edge. Private Edge provides a centralized portal for all of your Edge applications. We will be using this portal to build our campaign. You can also access the APIs directly if you want to incorporate them into existing DevOps or CI processes. To get a quick rundown of all the features, you can click the GUIDED TOUR button at any time. For now, we are going to focus on adding a video service. 

Add a Subscription

Before you add any services, you first need to subscribe to a plan and set a location where your service will run. A subscription plan determines the level of access you have to AlefNet features. To get a full rundown of features available, check out the comparison chart. For now, we are going to subscribe to the Private Edge if you haven’t already, and then add the Gold video service to give us access to valuable analytics dashboards. Follow the steps in the video, choosing NYC as your location to run your service, and finally add a credit card for billing.

[ERROR (confirmed in QA): billing prices overlap copy and don’t render correctly]

In the steps above, we added a location to run your service. Locations are a key part to AlefEdge. Locations are globally distributed compute locations. Once you have created a service, such as the video service we are about to create, the service is deployed and runs on an edge location, called a MicroEdge. 

Upon completion, you should have a new entry in your subscription list. At any time, you can click on the entries to view centralized billing and configuration.

Once you have the base Private Edge Service, repeat the process of adding a Service, selecting Alef Video Enablement again. Once you add the service, you will be presented with a screen to input configuration details. Add the following details and click SUBMIT.

[TEMP: Need to use cURL to access tokens currently. Need to move this into the welcome email. When done, remove this section.]

To access your secret key and token, 

Field Value
Secret Token

[enter the app-key received via your welcome email]

 [ERROR: I am entering in my username but receiving an error that it contains invalid info]
Tenancy Shared
Edge Storage Size 1
Username [the username you logged into the portal with]
Secret Key 123456


Create your Campaign

Go ahead and click on [x]. This takes you to the 

Stream the Video

Your campaign is now live. It’s up to you how you want users to consume your content. Perhaps the most common approach is by embedding the video in a web page. The advantage of this is that 

Examine Results

  1. focus on [which key differentiators?]

Next Steps

In this quickstart… streamed video via browser – most typical. You can also use our SDK to embed in native apps. Try it here.

If you want to learn more about how Alef and Edge computing works, check out here. 

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