Debugging Your Edge Apps

Logging and Debugging

The Private Edge developer platform offers a number of services. These services are accessed by the API. AlefEdge provides tools to investigate this interaction with the API. If an API request fails, returns unexpected data, or behaves unexpectedly, this tool should be your first stop for debugging.

Where to Get the Logs 

Navigate to My Private Edge -> My Services -> Select the Dashboard of the desired service. Then click on “Logs & Debug stats” as follows:

Now click on Date range and select desired range, logs will be displayed as follows:

These are the actual logs generated by API requests done by the developers. It gives insight into what all things happened at the backend when an API request is done. So, in case of any unexpected behavior, users can figure out what exactly is going wrong.

Notice that the timestamp shown in the logs are in sorted order, the most recent is on the top. 

The location column here specifies the location where the request is being executed. It might be on Cloud or the name of a particular edge site from where the request is being served. 

Currently, only debug Log level is being supported.

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