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The Developer Sandbox is an environment where developers can try out 5G Videos being delivered from the Edge. Please note, prior to the playing of Edge Content, a subscription will be required at the location the Sandbox will be requested. Furthermore, after the subscription has been created, the Developer will have to onboard cloud native content to the edge. If there are any questions on how this can be accomplished, please take a look at either the Video Enablement,, or Video Notifications,, Service Usage documents.

As part of the sandbox environment, each developer will be provided with a container. A container will be shared within a team (if there is a team) or if there is an individual developer a container will be provisioned for that developer. It is important to note, two people cannot access the same Developer Container at the same time.

Requesting a Sandbox Environment

  • The First Step in requesting a Sandbox Environment is ensuring there is either a Video Enablement or Video Notification subscription at the location the Sandbox will be requested
  • Once the Subscription has been created, the user will have to go to the “Sandbox” page which can be navigated to via the “Sandbox” option along the Horizontal Navigation Bar on the top of the Developer Portal.
  • Once on the “Sandbox” Page, the user will have to enter a unique sandbox name, that will assist in the tracking of sandboxes, and the desired location of the Sandbox. Once proper information is inputted, click the illuminated “Request Sandbox” button. Please note, only services that are subscribed at the desired location will be accessible via the sandbox.
  • After clicking the “Request Sandbox” button the page should match the following (with the entered name and location provided). This indicates to the Developer that the creation of their Sandbox is underway.
  • Within the next 60 minutes, the developer will receive an email from the Alef Operations team containing credentials to connect to their Sandbox. Once the email has been received the Developer will be able to leverage the environment for Edge Testing. If the developer is not in a position to test immediately, we ask you use the “Delete a Sandbox” button on the updated page so we can accommodate all of our incredible Developers with testing environments.

It is important to remember that a Sandbox can only be request by Administrative users, the one who first signed up for a Developer Account and invited the rest of their team. If you are the only developer associated with an account, this is not a concern. Furthermore, developers can request only one sandbox at a time. Currently, a Developer cannot request a Sandbox in multiple locations.

Accessing a Sandbox Environment

Please note, there is currently a three-hour time limit for Sandbox Usage. Should a Developer need additional time, they are instructed to request a new Sandbox immediately after their current Sandbox is deleted. A warning email regarding sandbox usage expiration will be sent to the Developers 30 minutes prior to expiration by the Alef Operations team. When deleted, Alef Operations will also email the Developers informing them that the previously provisioned Sandbox Container is no longer accessible.

Deleting the Sandbox Environment

  • If no actions are directly taken, a Sandbox Environment will be deleted automatically after 3 hours. The developer will be notified 30 minutes prior to deletion and again after the deletion has been completed.
  • If the Sandbox is not needed for the full 3 hours, we request you take the action to Delete the Sandbox. To begin this workflow, please click “Sandbox” from the Horizontal Navigation Bar at the top of the Developer Portal.
  • Once on the “Sandbox” Page click the “Delete Sandbox” button to initiate the Delete Request. Once deleted, an email will be sent to notify the user that the Sandbox has been deleted.


How many Sandboxes can be allocated to a Developer at a time?

Only one sandbox is allocated to the developer at a time.

What is the time for which a Developer can us the Sandbox?

Currently, a developer can use a sandbox for 3 hours.

If a Developer has some issues related to the Sandbox, who can they contact?

Developers can raise a ticket from the portal or send an email to the mailing list

What is the turnaround time to allocate a Sandbox to a Developer?

In an ideal scenario, the turnaround time from the moment a Sandbox has been requested, to receiving sandbox access details r should be 60 minutes or less.

Before deletion of the Sandbox, will the Developer be informed?

Yes. Developers will be informed via an email.

How will a Developer know if their Sandbox still exists?

The developer will be informed by email when their Sandbox is deleted. If no email has been received, the Sandbox still exists. Furthermore, if the Developer goes to the “Sandbox” page and the “Delete Sandbox” button is present, the Sandbox still exists.

What if the Developer does not receive a Sandbox even after requesting?

In an ideal scenario, the turnaround time from the moment the sandbox request is registered by the developer to sending sandbox access details to the developer should be less than 60 minutes. But if turnaround time has exceeded, they can raise a ticket or drop an email at

What if the Developer wants to test a service at a location and sandbox is available at another location?

If the developer has a sandbox at a location and wants to test the services configured at another location, he cannot do that as of today. He/She can either create the services at the sandbox location or wait for the existing sandbox expiry or delete an existing sandbox and then request the sandbox at another location.

What if the Developer’s team member wants to test the service, can they request a sandbox?

Sandbox can only be requested by admin users i.e. the one who has signed up. Team members have to share a sandbox account amongst them. Please request the Account Administrator to complete this process.

Where should team members contact if they want to use the Sandbox?

Sandbox can only be requested by admin users i.e.the one who has signed up. Team members have to share a sandbox account amongst them. When a sandbox is allocated, all the team members will receive its access details via email.

What browsers are supported in the Sandbox?

As of now, Firefox is supported.

How can the Video Enablement Service be tested in the Sandbox?

For greater detail of how to use the Video Enablement Service in the Sandbox, please view the Video Enablement Service Usage Document which can be found here:

How can the In App Notifications Service be tested in the Sandbox?

For greater detail of how to use the Video Notification Service in the Sandbox, please view the Video Notification Service Usage Document which can be found here:

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