Private Edge – The 5G Edge API

How to Simplify, Accelerate, and Rapidly Operationalize 5G Edge Services

Introduction: Welcome to the Era of “The 5G Edge Internet”

We are in the midst of a digital tectonic shift – the next generation of the internet is centered around decentralization with communications and computing moving to the Edge. This shift, combined with the emergence of 5G, is fundamentally changing the way people and things engage with the internet. Centralized software workloads associated with network cores and cloud computing are being distributed in an intelligent manner, leading to a new breed of shared infrastructure, architectures, and applications. According to Gartner, the major drivers of Edge computing include security, real-time responsive business, new and better user experiences, and smarter, safer systems. As access to the internet has expanded incrementally and systematically, application capabilities have grown exponentially which includes autonomous systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Importantly, mobility is essential and is driving the need for 5G services. This is the era of “The 5G Edge Internet”.

Experts estimate this emerging distributed 5G Edge economy will be worth $8 trillion by 2030. The impact of this economy is here today. For instance, approximately 80 percent of organizations expanded their work-from-home policies, with 67 percent seeking to maintain them for the long-term. The shift to a distributed workforce is leading to structural changes in enterprise IT. While these changes introduce greater flexibility for employees and expand the scope of enterprise business opportunities, it yields significant challenges for enterprise IT teams. For example, instead of focusing on a few branch office locations, IT staff must now figure out how to securely deliver services to thousands of individuals in unique locations, while having an available and flexible architecture to deploy new services.

This whitepaper will outline how organizations can rapidly establish 5G Edge services in minutes and to achieve their desired business outcomes. The architectural approach is centered around Private Edge – a secure and comprehensive platform that is deployed across a networkof interconnected networks at the Edge. The 5G Edge API, which is accessible on Private Edge, is crucial for realizing the shift towards decentralization of the internet.

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