Tripping the Edge Fantastic


If you want to trip the edge fantastic, look no further than what is happening within the 5G Edge computing world. There are a whole host of new applications from robotics, to voice commanded devices, to self-checkout and even private 5G networks. These new applications and ways of interacting with applications are enabled by AlefEdge’s Private Edge platform and help individuals and businesses become more productive in fewer hours, do the things they want to do, and spend more time with their families.

Activities that previously required human interaction are now being increasingly done by a computer with webcams and other sensors. Devices can be enabled with intelligence and delivered via a secure mobile network at the push of an API button. Your local warehouses have become more intelligent. Sensors and robots can now reliably perform quality assurance tasks, requiring humans to step in only when issues are found. These applications are being built with new open APIs only found within the 5G Edge and Edge computing world. At AlefEdge, things are wilder than ever with developers imagining and building the next set of applications our world will consume. 5G Edge Connectivity and video enablement APIs are some of the first APIs to be released. Find out more at  

Application developers can use APIs to power in-store displays and turn them into gesture-controlled interactive devices. This means that displays not only show information but also engage customers in surveys and other business-relevant interactions such as new product testing and pricing studies. Developers can pair in-store cameras with machine learning at the edge to remotely spot if someone slipped and fell or the person in aisle 4 is crying. Robots can leverage the same webcams and edge compute to help guide their journey throughout the store. Imagine a store that is as connected as you are to the internet – whoa.

There is the ability to provide targeted advertising via Wi-Fi to the customer via AlefEdge’s 5G Edge Sponsored Data API. This API enables companies to deliver their own sponsored data Wi-Fi service. On the consumer side, they view HD video ads at high speed that are delivered directly from the AlefEdge network. 

These applications run on servers located closer to the end-user (like at the bottom of cell towers distributed across the entire globe – imagine that), making them resilient to network interruptions. The applications are physically closer to you! Businesses can deploy these new technologies easily. Simply install the camera, power it up, and the vision system will be up and running.

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